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Strategic Technology Assessment

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Contemplating the concept of digital transformation has become an agonizing feat for many business leaders, many view it as a catchphrase that has become confusing at best and meaningless at worst.

Much of the blame lies with vendors who have abused the term when marketing solutions designed to satisfy every business leader’s requirements. The savvy ones will tell you: Digital transformation doesn’t come in a box — or a cloud.

Our team can work with you to examine your existing technologies and systems as they relate to the overall strategy today and into the future. By combining Industry expertise, best practices, and technology alternatives we build a strategic roadmap specifically for your Organization. Fifth Quadrant Strategic Technology Assessment enables you to: 

  • Thoroughly understand the current state of existing staffing, technology and process across the entire organization.
  • Determine the metrics and key performance indicators that are critical to measure your organizations success.
  • Assess existing technologies strategic alignment with the business as well as the clients industry.
  • Identify new technology opportunities and risks that could impact business strategy, plans, and current operations
  • Develop a 3 to 5 year action-oriented tactical and strategic technology “roadmap”

What are the benefits?

  • An enhanced executive understanding of the company’s strategic IT capabilities, competitive position, nd overall value proposition.
  • Improved visibility into the real strategic return on IT investment—and where improvements can be achieved.
  • Greater organizational awareness of the true requirements for business and IT strategy alignment.
  • An improved basis for integrating IT into the development and deployment of new business strategies and models.
  • A substantially reduced risk that IT will negatively impact the business strategy development and deployment process.

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