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Organizational Alignment

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The most critical element in any strategy is its translation into reality.  No matter the quality of the analysis or the synthesis and selection of strategy, the only true measure of success is in its execution.  One of the key determinants of successful strategy implementation is organisational alignment.

Organisational alignment is a process of ensuring all aspects of your organisation are aligned with realisation of its strategy  – operationally (the businesses ability to deliver its ‘mission’) and strategically (the management of the business to achieve its vision). This involves ensuring the appropriateness and effectiveness of the core business processes and the organisational structure designed to manage this.  It includes the governance mechanisms that empower management and ensures accountability, and the setting and monitoring of performance objectives (performance management).

Fifth Quadrant Performance consultants are experienced business managers with a proven track record of achieving operational and strategic efficiency and effectiveness through effective organisational alignment.  We can provide a range of individually tailored services to optimise the alignment of your organisation with your business and operations strategy.   In particular we can provide;

  • Full organisational alignment programmes
  • Business process design (and re-engineering)
  • Organisation structure development
  • Governance Systems (empowerment and accountability)
  • Performance Management Systems (Operations and Strategy)
  • Value system audits and Change planning
  • Devolved strategy deployment programmes & facilitation
  • Resource development and training

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