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Leadership Coaching

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In today’s results-driven marketplace, business leaders are under greater pressure to gain and maintain competitive advantage. There is greater need to hone the skills needed to face ever growing responsibilities, changing organizations, profit pressures and organizational competencies.

Many business leaders hire coaches to enhance their leadership and communication skills. The benefit of this is a greater confidence to execute strategy and lead change initiatives. Fifth Quadrant’s Coaching practice provides this business partnership.

Identifying Persons Best Suited for Coaching

Coaching facilitates the personal development process when the person:

  • Recognizes performance problems based on behaviors that lead to ineffective leadership and communication
  • Is selected as high potential candidate in succession planning process
  • Faces significant increase in job responsibilities
  • Desires to broaden experience and capacity to move to the next level in the organization
  • Needs to develop interpersonal skills
  • Needs to become more adept at influencing others
  • Wants to improve ability to develop alliances
  • Is leading across geographic, cultural and/or demographic boundaries
  • Takes on unfamiliar assignments such as leading a business turnaround, rapid growth, organizational changes

Leadership Coaching and Talent Management

Our coaching can be integrated into organizational talent management programs. Clients we work with will most often have sophisticated talent management programs for high potentials. Learn more about our Talent Management services »

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