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We are passionate about helping your business perform better. We help align your people, processes and technology to unleash your fifth quadrant of performance.


Our vision is to help build sustainable businesses and social ventures across Africa

We are committed to crafting smart solutions and delivering exceptional service to all our customers. We are at our best, when helping clients achieve their best performance.

A few things we’re great at

Underpinning everything we do is our philosophy of offering a truly personal and individual service that reflects your exact requirements. We will tailor our courses and adapt our consultancy to ensure that they are totally relevant to your organisation and your needs.

Organizational Alignment

The most critical element in any strategy is its translation into reality. No matter the quality of your strategy, the only true measure of success is in its execution. One of the key determinants of successful strategy implementation is organizational alignment. 

Talent Acquisition and Development

Organizational success depends upon how effectively talent strategies support current and future business strategies. Our expertly designed, implemented and managed, talent management will help improve strategic performance and business effectiveness.

Performance Management Solutions

Performance Management is a critical part of strategy execution. At Fifth Quadrant, we help organizations design or revise their performance management process, train managers and employees or train trainers. Our goal is to implement a process that drives results!

Business Process Automation

With automation, processes can be performed in ways that optimize the amount of human support needed. Simple automation of processes can help eliminate errors, reduce biases and perform transactional work in a fraction of the time it takes humans.


Is it Time to Outsource HR?

It’s often easier to ignore the human resources side of your business, especially when things are flowing smoothly. Outsourcing HR functions to the right organization can offer a plethora of benefits. At Fifth Quadrant Performance, we aim to reduce your workload, improve HR, and lower your costs. 

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